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Welcome to the My MGA Home login page where you can access all of your golfing information. This enhanced MGA web site is your place for local golf news, managing your MGA/USGA Handicap, reading MassGolfer Online and much more. To learn more, please click here.
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If you are using the My MGA Home program for the first time, the system has automatically set your password to be the same as your GHIN number. To log in, please enter your current GHIN number in the login and password fields. If you have established a password in the past (most likely through the MGA's online registration program), please input your GHIN # and your personal password.

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IMPORTANT INTERNET EXPLORER SETTING NOTICE: Due to changes in the default settings in Internet Explorer, users may need to change their settings to allow session cookies. To change your settings, you need to go to "Internet Options" - "Privacy" - "Advanced" - "Always Allow Session Cookies". This change in settings simply allows your computer to track whether you are logged into the MGA site. To learn more about the misconceptions about cookies, please read this article

ATTENTION MAC/SAFARI USERS: If you are having trouble logging into the system and/or registering for any events, please go to Safari - Preferences - Privacy (tab) - Set your "Block Cookies" to Never.

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