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Below is a list of the primary benefits provided to you as a member of the MGA.

MEMBERSHIP IN THE MGA - You'll be joining more than 360 clubs and 84,000 golfers in the Bay State in support of the game of golf. You will also become part of a GHIN network that has become the world's largest handicap computation service. GHIN is provided through 81 State, Regional or National Golf Associations to over 12,000 clubs and approximately 2.3 million golfers.

USGA HANDICAP INDEX - The MGA provides a USGA Handicap Index® to all members. Handicap revisions take place on the 1st and 15th of every month and are sent to members via email as well as accessible from the My MGA Home program.

WEBSITE & MY MGA HOME - The MGA's official website features My MGA Home, a personalized section which allows players to access their handicap information and, if their club allows, to post scores from any computer with internet access. Championship and Qualifying as well as Member Day registration is also available on the MGA website.

ONLINE SCORE POSTING - Nearly all MGA Member Clubs allow members to post scores online throughout the year in a quick and convenient manner. Scores will immediately become part of your scoring record and will appear on the club's posting computer the next time it connects to GHIN.

MASSGOLFER SUBSCRIPTION - The awarding-winning MGA Members' magazine is mailed directly to your home four times a year. It is a magazine for golfers in the Bay State including news and information about all things golf in Massachusetts.

GLOBAL GOLF POST NEW ENGLAND - The first designed-for-digital weekly golf news publication in the world is delivered to each inbox on Monday morning. It will include the most breaking local, regional and national golf news.

MEMBER DAYS - Member Days are open to all MGA Member Golfers - male or female - who hold a current MGA/USGA GHIN Handicap index with an MGA Member Club. The one-day events offer an affordable, casual and fun atmosphere for all, while also providing tournament experience for those looking for healthy and spirited competition.

CHAMPIONSHIP PROGRAM - Each season, the MGA sponsors and conducts nearly 50 events for high and low handicappers, juniors, seniors, men and women including 12 major championships for amateur and professional golfers.

EXCLUSIVE MEMBER DISCOUNTS - You'll take advantage of exclusive discounts and program opportunities from the MGA Patrons of Golf - Liberty Mutual and First Republic Bank. Additional benefits are offered by our sponsors, Club Champion and Tournament Solutions.

MOBILE APP - Take your handicap index on the road via the MGA Home mobile app. You can easily post scores, view your handicap index, calculate course handicap, search member peer review, access your handicap label, find course information and so much more.

HOLE IN ONE - As a way of celebrating an MGA members' achievement, the MGA sends each golfer a special antiqued brass colored bag tag that includes details about the accomplishment.

SUPPORT JUNIOR GOLF - The First Tee of Massachusetts is an integral part of the MGA and its mission to introduce Bay State youth to its golf and life skills curriculum. Through schools, youth agencies and chapter programs, participants are learning core values of the game such as honesty, integrity and sportsmanship. Your support of the MGA and its member clubs goes a long way to furthering that important mission.

AND MORE - The MGA also provides comprehensive handicapping, course rating, marking and measuring services to its member clubs and is the local authority for all issues related to the Rules of Golf and Amateur Status. The organization annually posts a list of charity, junior golf and regional events and supports the past and future of the game through the Massachusetts Golf House & Museum and the Massachusetts Golf Hall of Fame.

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